Wormell Evans

Born in Kent, Sarah was brought up surrounded by music. Aged 5 she began learning the piano, aged 6 she joined the church choir and aged 7 she started the violin. Quickly being recognised as talented on the violin, she received a scholarship for her lessons from the Kent Music School. As a young child, always fascinated by music, Sarah used to mime playing all the instruments of the orchestra as the family listened to records on Sunday afternoons. Over the years she went on to learn the French Horn and Saxophone and has been known to play the Cello, Double bass and Sousaphone for fun in charity concerts. 

Sarah studied both violin and viola at Trinity College of Music in London where she won several prizes including The John Barbirolli Prize for String Quartet, The Leonard Smith duo prize, The Sophie Langdon Classical Concerto Competition and The Alfred Gibson Memorial Prize. She studied violin with Trevor Williams, Anne Hooley and Hugh Bean. 

Sarah is playing on a violin that was made for her in 2014 by David Munro.

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