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Farnham & Bourne    Choir Concert
St.Andrew's Church, Farnham

7.30 pm Saturday 16th March

TBS Concert Programme
Spire Church, Farnham


3-00pm Sunday 25 February:
        Renata Konycska- piano

7-30pm Saturday 16 March:
        SongHa Choi – violin and piano recital

7-30pm Saturday 13 April:
        Maiastra String Quartet –  Beethoven & Shostakovich

4-00pm Sunday 21 April:
to be arranged

7-30pm Saturday 18 May:
         Elizabeth Cooney – violin – and Daniel Hill – piano: Bach and
Beethoven violin sonatas

7-30pm Saturday 25 May:
          Dante String Quartet: Haydn, Beethoven and Brahms

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