Gift Aid

If you pay tax and sign a Gift Aid Declaration then Farnham Sinfonia can reclaim the basic rate tax that you have paid, currently 25p for every pound given as a donation or paid as a subscription.

Paying tax refers to tax actually paid ie for amounts above the tax-free allowances (note: tax on interest and dividends changed in 2017), including:

  • income tax whether collected by employer or pension fund or paid separately by yourself,
  • tax on interest,
  • tax on dividends from shares and unit trusts, and
  • capital gains tax.

If you pay tax at the higher rate you can also claim your own tax reduction by declaring the gifts on your tax return.

You can make a declaration once, and then it applies for all gifts in any of the past four years and into the future, you do not need to make a new declaration for each future gift or payment, but you do need to tell us if you cease to pay tax.

You can make a Gift Aid Declaration either by:

  • completing a very simple on-line form (easiest method, only takes a few seconds), or
  • sending an email, or
  • printing and posting a Gift Aid Form

Farnham Sinfonia is part of TBS – Please use the Declaration on the TBS website via this link

CLICK for Gift Aid Declaration and scroll down